ethno day

One of the best excursions in the city of Banja Luka Krupa on Vrbas. This small town is known primarily for its waterfalls tributaries. In the cascade part of the watercourse, in the old wooden mills can see the traditional way of producing flour. In some of these mills you can buy local products such as cheese, flour, donuts …

Ethno village Lubačke Doline is located in the middle of the Ljubačevo village, some 17 kilometers from Banja Luka on the road to Kneževo.

Ljubačke doline (valleys) got their name after the valleys surrounding the Ljubačevo village. Ljubačke doline are a natural phenomenon, unique in all of Europe. They are natural dents in the ground, several hundred meters deep and wide. These valleys spread over the entire Ljubačko polje (field) and, as such, cannot be found anywhere else in Europe.

Excursion price: EUR 25,00 per person

Important notice: At least 3 persones are needed for trip to be organized

Price inludes:

  • transport
  • host
  • welcoming beverage
  • picnic
  • museum ticket

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