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Off-road thrills in Slatina

It’s time to sit, grab the handles, and brace yourself for an unlimited amount of excitement on our thrilling tour in Slatina near Banja Luka. We will let you experience the thrill of handling the bends and curves of the track on our 4-wheeled machine, as you navigate the rugged terrain. Get ready to ride off-road through spectacular wilderness trails that will lead you to some of the most breathtaking natural landscapes.

Destination Slatina
Mileage 30 km
Physical activity 2/10
Duration 1 hour
  • transport and driver
  • personal expenses
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Off-road thrills trip details.

We drive when you want, because every season has its charms. While you are driving on a well-trodden road in the winter and the sound of the engine rips through the air, you will notice the beautiful nature around Banja Luka, and in the summer we promise that every breath of warm air will bring a smile to your face, while the colorful colors of the Krajina will make you stop for a moment, take photos for memory and continue to conquer kilometers of beautiful land. Okay, we admit, the terrain is not always so beautiful, but it always has a special charm, because it causes an increase in adrenaline, and that's why every stone, hole, dust, grass, and sometimes even mud has its role, which is to get tired and be satisfied on at the end of the road. And not only by driving while it lasts, but also by succeeding in it!

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