4-6 hours
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Exploring Mount Manjača’s hidden treasures

With a series of activities and attractions awaiting you, Mount Manjača promises an adventure like no other. Explore untouched wilderness, dive into the fascinating world of mountain biking or unleash your inner adventurer with exciting off-road experiences. Our activities are perfect for children, complete with all-day riding animations, entertaining encounters with local animals, and more than interesting workshops and sports schools. For the older ones, we have prepared various exciting activities, such as hiking, mountain biking or off-road driving.

(Note: a minimum of two participants is required.)

Destination Manjača
Mileage 50 km
Physical activity minimum
Duration 4 – 6 hours
  • transport and driver
  • host
  • visit to the lookout point
  • tour of Petr Kočić’s birthplace
  • tour of the Greda ethno household
  • personal expenses
  • horse riding in the Greda ethno household
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Manjača trip details.

Are you up for an adventure on Mount Manjača? That Dinaric mountain, rich in caves, with its height of 1,239 m, gave birth to host people, whose homemade food prepared in the traditional way will relieve you of the embarrassment of asking for "just one more piece". You will find out why love enters the mouth if you visit Manjača with us. But that's not all, the mountain oasis offers you the opportunity for rest and recreation in a different way. Here you will learn your first riding steps and feel all the cuteness of these beautiful animals. For the youngest, we can organize a full-day animation of horse riding, socializing with domestic animals, as well as workshops, sports schools, and for the slightly older ones, we have prepared activities such as hiking, hiking, mountain biking and off-road driving.

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