If you ever come to Banjaluka, make sure you don’t miss out the opportunity of exploring its fast beautiful river Vrbas. Among many activities that can be done on this river, the most popular are definitely rafting tours. Some are asking – is it for everyone? The answer is YES! Thanks to the experienced rafting guides, rafting is available to everyone, regardless of age or experience. 

For adventurers and adrenalists

Rafting experience in Banjaluka is a must for everyone looking for an adventure and fun. Not only locals love this river, but everyone who gets in touch with it ends up being amazed. Vrbas is one of the fastest rivers in Europe and Banja Luka hosted the World Rafting Championship in 2009.

River has so many wild parts and rapids which provide an adrenaline rush which can not be described by words. River Vrbas’s international degree of difficulty is 3-4, In some places it is even 1-2. That is why rafting tours are led only by experienced guides, which are one of the best in our country. There are several cliffs and bridges from which it is safe to jump and guides leave enough time for those activities too. Also, some rapids are ideal for descending them and feeling the real power of this wonderful river. 

Enjoy with your family and friends

Even though Vrbas is a fast river, speed is not the same through the whole length of it. The beauty of it is that you can have some adrenaline pleasure, but also enjoy a completely relaxed river ride. Experienced rafting guides easily accommodate their service depending on your preferences. During the ride, several stops are made so that you can enjoy swimming in nature. The canyons Tijesno and Podmilacje are the ones that surround Vrbas in one part of the river course. Canyons, rapids and pure nature are what makes the rafting experience memorable. You can also bring a phone to capture beautiful landscapes. All the electronic devices are put in a waterproof bag so that no water can get to them!

No experience? – You don’t need one, no worries!

Always before a tour, rafting guides give a short lecture on how to operate a paddle and how to sit in a boat. Ofcourse, everyone is given a life jacket and a helmet. Rafting suits and shoes are optional, but available for those who want them. A minimum age for rafting tour is 3, which says enough about the unimportance of experience for this activity.

To find more information about rafting tours, take a look here.

Besides rafting, our mesmerizing river Vrbas is also suitable for activities such as kayak adrenalin and dayak relaxing.

Make sure to discover what made everyone fall in love with river Vrbas!


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