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Relaxing at a haven of natural beauty and tranquility

With this fabulous activity, we want to show you the beauty of our rivers – the power, the strength, and the beauty of nature we are so proud of. Scattered windmills and charming wooden bridges add to the appeal, inviting you to explore every corner of this magical place. For the youngest ones, we offer all-day activities that include horse riding, interesting workshops and sports schools. For those a bit older, there are plenty of exciting activities, from hiking and trail adventures to mountain biking tours and exciting off-road driving experiences.

Destination  Krupa na Vrbasu, Velika greda
Mileage 100 km
Physical activity 6/10
Duration 4 – 6 hours
  • transport and driver
  • host
  • horse riding
  • lunch
  • personal expenses
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Krupa excursion details

Krupa on Vrbas excursion
The place abounds in natural beauty and sacred objects - the sources of the Krupa River and waterfalls, the monastery of St. Elijah, the old log church and the remains of the medieval town of Greben. Hiking is possible on easy and medium-difficult hiking trails. The scene that will appear to you tells you that you certainly did not make a mistake in coming to Krupa na Vrbasa. Water comes from all sides. It produces that beautiful sound of power, strength, beauty. There are scattered windmills, wooden bridges, and everything is built in the same style. You won't know which way to go first. Climb the bridge, enjoy the power and majesty of Krupa waterfalls. Go to the other side of Krupa, to the resting meadow. Here you can rest in the shade of small wooden houses, have a barbecue, socialize or simply enjoy the view from the meadow. Of course, we will also include a tasting of famous uštipci.
Velika greda
We offer quality homemade food prepared from domestic products of Manjača households. In this unique oasis for rest and recreation, you can take your first riding steps and feel all the loveliness of these beautiful animals. For the youngest, it is possible to organize all-day animation with horseback riding, socializing with domestic animals, workshops, sports schools, and for the slightly older, various activities, hiking, trail, mountain-biking tours, off-road driving, etc. are organized.

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