12 hours
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Banjaluka and Beyond

Sarajevo: A Road to the “Crossroads of Cultures”

Join our super fun journey through time during a visit to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has nurtured a charming blend of different cultures and religions for centuries. During this full-day tour, you will learn about its turbulent past at the crossroads of cultures and its atypical mixture of Oriental and Western customs, architecture, food, and lifestyle. Trying ćevapi, a famous Bosnian street food delicacy, is one of the most common items on the bucket lists of visitors to Sarajevo, and we will make sure you don’t miss this unforgettable experience.

(Note: Minimum five participants required.)

Destination Sarajevo
Mileage 280 km
Physical activity 2/10
Duration 12 hours (from 9am to 9pm)
  • transport and driver,
  • local guide
  • walking tour of the city accompanied by a professional tourist guide
  • lunch included (ćevapi on Baščaršija)
  • personal expenses
  • entry tickets
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Sarajevo travel plan.

Did you know?
  1. Sarajevo had public lighting as early as 1895.
  2. In the same year, an electric tram was moving through this city – which was a rarity in the whole world at that time.
  3. This city had its own water supply system before Vienna: the capital of Austria got its first water supply system in 1870, while on the other hand, the founder of Sarajevo, Isa-beg Ishaković, began to build the first water supply system in the city. be almost 55 km long.
  4. That the first public toilet was built in 1526 in Kovači in Sarajevo, and the second in 1529 near the Bey’s mosque.
  5. The Haggadah, a Jewish manuscript-painted codex created in the 14th century in northern Spain, which survived the Inquisition and all wars, is kept in the “National Museum” in Sarajevo.
  6. The Bey’s Mosque was the first mosque in the world with electric lighting.
  7. The Gazi Husrev-beg Library in Sarajevo is the oldest public library in BiH, operating without interruption since its founding in 1537.
  8. In 1540, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina received the first shopping center that still exists today, it is a bezistan.
  9. That the first cafe in Sarajevo was opened in the 16th century, immediately after the appearance of the first cafe in Istanbul.
  10. Staka Skenderova was the first teacher in Sarajevo, who opened the first women’s school in the 19th century.
  11. The Sarajevo assassination – the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia – was the immediate cause of the First World War.
  12. The only city that belonged to the communist country where the Winter Olympic Games were held, the 14th in a row. 1984.
  13. The Bosnian capital inherits the first beginnings of modern tourism in the former Yugoslavia – in 1879, the first organized provision of tourist services began.

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