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Banjaluka and Beyond

Jajce: Medieval Fantasy

Hop on a one-day trip to Jajce, a breathtaking town in central Bosnia and Herzegovina with an impressive medieval fortress and beautiful waterfalls located in the center of town. Get ready to be amazed by this oasis of unprecedented beauty where history and nature intersect in a superb way.

(Note: Minimum two participants required.)

Destination Jajce
Mileage 140 km
Physical activity 2/10
Duration 5 – 7 hours
  • transport and driver
  • guide
  • walking tour of the city accompanied by a professional tourist guide
Excluded personal expenses
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Jajce trip details.

Jajce, better known as the "Open Air Museum", is the best city to show BiH. Everything is represented in Jajce, from the strongest fortress, the catacombs of Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić, the church where the last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomašević was crowned, the place where the SFRY was created. And what is nature like?! Wonderful! Jajce is a city where, by walking and with very little imagination, you can feel the way of building and living that was 400 years ago. Pliva river waterfall in the city center This unique natural phenomenon in the city center has long since become a trademark of Jajce and what tourists come for in the first place. Be one of them and enjoy the view of this magical sight from all sides and terraces, and be sure to visit the platform at the foot. If you're brave enough, take a zip-line over the waterfall and experience a rush of adrenaline as the drops of water cool your face. Mlinčići A few kilometers from the city center, there are twenty water mills on the travertine barrier between the Great and Small Pliv lakes. They were restored in 2005 and today six of them are in operation, where you can buy freshly ground flour, while the others are more or less in the function of monuments. The old town of Jajce Go up to the Old Town of Jajce, which still has its inhabitants today, unlike the others that have been turned into fortresses and museums. This is one of the few preserved fortified town settlements with all the characteristics of an urban center of the 15th century.

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