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A magical journey on Dayak boat

Hop on a fascinating journey as we navigate a 15-kilometer route through the urban heart of Banja Luka. Feel the magic of gliding through the shallows and riverbed perfectly suited to propel the Dayak boat, one of the symbols of Banja Luka. During the trip on this unique boat, you will be able to discover the city from another perspective and participate in the boat-riding tradition that its citizens have cherished for centuries.

(Note: at least one participant is required.)

Destination Vrbas river
Mileage 5 km
Physical activity 1/10
Duration 1 hour
  • transport and driver
  • host
  • personal expenses
  • visit to Banj Brdo (15€)
Travel With Car


Dayak journey details.

What is a gondola in Venice, is a dayak in Banja Luka. Enjoy a unique ride through Vrbas on this authentic and traditional boat, which over the centuries has become a symbol of the city, leaving a mark on the culture of the people of Banja Luka, and legend says that the dayak was created even before Banja Luka, and that the founder of the city sailed on it. The moments you spend sailing the dayak through the heart of the city, observing its nature and surroundings, will momentarily take your thoughts to a place full of tranquility and true happiness.
This is followed by a 5 km long walk to the Banj brdo picnic area and the most beautiful view of the city. In addition to the impression that comes with being in nature and physical activity, there is also a monument dedicated to the fallen people from the Krajina region, during the Second World War (1941-1945), so you will also hear from the guide a story related to the monument, its meaning and why it resembles a bullet fired in the direction of Krajina.

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