3-5 hours
Tour Type
City Tour
Group Size
10 People
Tour Guide
2 People
Unique offers

    Household Jalić

    Option 1. Just few kilometers away from the airport, explore with us the traditional household of the Jalić family. Lunch includes all homemade and organic local products. Spend a pleasant time with the hardworking hosts with a glass of homemade juice.

    Option 2. Learn to make your own souvenir or learn one of our traditional jobs – embroidery. Take part in making traditional footwear – OPANAK, sewing costumes and taste local products.

    *at least 2 participants are required for this tour

    Mileage50 km
    Physical activity1/10
    Duration3 – 5 hours
    • transport and driver
    • host
    • lunch-local homemade products
    • small souvenir
    • personal expenses
    • airport transfer
    Travel With Car


    If you are a fan of rural tourism and authentic village ambience, our recommendation is the traditional household Jalić. We will take you on a rural gastronomic adventure. In addition to delicious local products, we offer you the opportunity to learn old crafts. Yes, you heard right! Make your own souvenir, learn the tradition of embroidery and making shoes - opanak or simply, learn the techniques of sewing national costumes, today characteristic during the national games we call - kolo.

    Option 1.
    Lunch at a traditional Janjić household. Tasting of local products while socializing with locals over a glass of juice or some fruit brandy characteristic of this area.
    Together we learn to make souvenirs, we learn embroidery techniques. We make opankas and sew traditional costumes. All this with a glass of toast!