5-8 days(3-6 days of fishing)
Tour Type
Adventure Tour
Group Size
10 People
Tour Guide
2 People
Unique offers

    FLY FISHING in Bosnia&Herzegovina

    You wonder if it is possible to experience a feeling of complete peace and a rush of adrenaline at the same moment. We say YES! We take you to sport fishing.

    8 days / 6 days of fishing program

    Same as this itinerary, we also offer different length of
    programs like:
    7 days / 5 days of fishing program
    5 days / 3 days of fishing program, or any other
    combination that client wants

    We made those packages with this understanding:

    *clients will maybe come very tired or very late on first day and couldn’t fish, that is why I left out first day.

    *clients may have to go early in the morning to catch airplane, or have long drive to home, that is why I left out last day.But, if clients want to fish both first day and last day also, and have enough time, that is free of charge ( except daily fishing licenses, of course ).

    DestinationBosnia and Herzegovina
    Physical activity
    Duration5, 7 and 8 days(3, 5, 6 days of fishing)
    • transfers from/to the airport, and transfers from one to another location
    • professional guide ( in English )
    • accommodation ( full board basis, drinks not included )
    • best fly fishing locations
    • logistic support and advices
    • VAT 17%
      • *daily fishing licenses (Our guide shall obtain fishing license for You)
    Travel With Car


    The tradition of sport fishing in Bosnia and Herzegovina dates back to the 14th century, and due to the hydrographic conditions, the most important technique is fly fishing. We are going on a relaxing adventure along the rivers of Krajina, and you will remember playing tricks with the fish, getting to know new places and local people for a long time. We offer you the adventure and joy of the first sport catch!