3-5 hours
Tour Type
City Tour
Group Size
10 People
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2 People
Cultural and historical tours

    Ethno simulation

    Ethno simulation

    Near Banja Luka, in the town of Piskavica, you have the opportunity to see a stage display of the glory of baptism. After the traditional welcome, you will visit the permanent exhibition in the ethno-house and take part in a stage display of customs – baptism, followed by a festive lunch with the sounds of a folk orchestra and an organized folk dance lesson. (kolo)

    Recommended time: the evening (weekdays between 18.00 and on weekends throughout the day)

    *to hold this tour, at least 15 registered

    Mileage65 km
    Physical activity1/10
    Duration3 – 5 hours
    • transport and driver
    • host and entrance fees
    • unlimited food and drinks
    • celebrity stage performance
    • personal expenses
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    Do you know that Slava, a Serbian national and church custom, is the third most important family holiday after Easter and Christmas, always connected with the day of a certain Christian saint. It is so characteristic of Serbs that it is a sign of their recognition and identification. This unique form of family tradition among Serbs is present from the period before Christianization when it was linked to the cult of family ancestors. Do you want to see a stage display of glory and be a part of the history of the Serbian people? We have an offer just for you! And right there, near Banja Luka, in the village of Piskavica. After the traditional welcome, we will visit the permanent installation of the ethnic house, where we will enjoy the sounds of the folk orchestra along with the custom of breaking the Slavic cake and a toast, along with a festive lunch. Don't forget that learning to play the folk dance - kolo - awaits you here!